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  • Game Informer News Feed: Watch The Gorgeous Console Launch Trailer Here

    Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter is now making its way over to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in just a couple days time.

    The Zelda-like adventure offers tough combat and an enthralling world, and it took our breath away when it released in April. Now, console gamers will be able to enjoy its fantastical world and beautiful soundtrack as well.

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    Hyper Light Drifter will arrive on consoles as of July 26. Check out our Test Chamber of the game here

  • Game Informer News Feed: Going Back To Sonic's Roots

    Last night's announcement of Sonic Mania was well-received by fans of the classic Sonic titles. However, this isn't the first time that Sega has promised to return Sonic to his roots. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was the biggest attempt to bring the speedy hedgehog back to his 2D glory, but it ultimately failed to recapture that magic thanks to some strange level design and physics that never felt quite right. It's because of this and other titles that haven't been well-received that many have curtailed their enthusiasm for Sonic Mania until they can play the game themselves. Thankfully, I had that opportunity and can report that Sonic Mania plays just like the classic Sonic games it models itself after.

    The pixel graphics look like a combination of the visuals from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic CD. Even some of the animations mimic those of Sonic CD; as Sonic bounces upward off a spring, he spins like he did in CD. Sonic's running animation when he moves his fastest reminds me of the figure-8 run from CD as well, but without his legs forming the "8." 

    The demo I played had two different Zones available. Green Hill Zone is one every Sonic fan remembers from the very first game. In Sonic Mania, you go back to some of these familiar Zones from the older games, but they have updated level designs and a few surprises along the way. In Green Hill Zone, there are additional branching paths to explore and a new boss at the end. The boss I battled at the end of Green Hill Zone was two spherical robots attached with a chain. The two enemies swung back and forth, alternating between being vulnerable to attack and being in damage mode. Once I destroyed one, the remaining enemy began bouncing around the screen as I dodged, waiting for my opportunity to strike. The boss battle wasn't very difficult, but its design definitely had that old school vibe that the other parts of the game hit on.

    The other Zone in the demo is Studiopolis Zone, a futuristic film-themed playground with springs, moving platforms, and rooms that fill up with popcorn. This Zone was more dynamic, focusing on platforming more than the speed-focused Green Hill Zone. That's not to say that there wasn't any sprinting involved in this, however. In a nice touch, as I bounced forward off of a spring, Sonic sped so fast that he outran the camera for a fraction of a second. This was always one of my favorite little things that could happen in the Genesis days, and I was so happy to see it happen again in Sonic Mania.

    When Sonic 4 Episode 1 launched, the biggest issue many took with it was the weird physics surrounding Sonic's momentum. With Mania, things feel as they should. The feeling of building up and maintaining speed is exactly how I remember it from my favorite games in the series. Things like running around a loop or getting a high-speed start with a spin-dash feel fantastic.

    The demo I played of Sonic Mania left me feeling better about a Sonic game before launch than I have in years. We still have a little bit to wait, however, as the game launches in spring 2017. I loved what I played of Sonic Mania, and I hope it will be worth the wait.

  • Game Informer News Feed: Creators Matt Stone And Trey Parker Reveal Original Title, Discuss Gameplay

    At San Diego Comic-Con, a new making of video was revealed for Ubisoft's South Park: The Fractured But Whole, where creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker discuss the ups and downs of its development. They also bring up that the title we know today wasn't necessarily their first choice.

    The upcoming tactical RPG, which is filled with a mix of both outrageous scenarios and hilarity, sees Cartman and his friends lampoon the world of superheroes and parody Marvel's Civil War. It takes place right after the events of The Stick of Truth, where the kids form their own superhero team called Coon and Friends.

    The making of video has Stone and Parker, along with Ubisoft developers, discuss their experiences creating the game. Many explain that refining the combat was one of the tougher tasks. "You want it to be complex enough to be fun and challenging and have strategies, but you also want it to be simple enough that it looks like South Park and it is still just fun," says Parker. While the turn-based formula will return, a more tactical approach was taken, where you'll have to think a few moves ahead.

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    Near the end of the video, Stone and Parker unveil that The Fractured But Whole originally had the title of The Butt Hole of Time, however retailers wouldn't allow the term "butt hole" to fly as a title. So, the two had to be creative, which finally resulted in the final title we know now.

    The Fractured But Whole releases December 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our preview from E3 for an extended look at characters, the tactical gameplay, and comedic storyline.

  • Game Informer News Feed: Details Emerge Including New Characters, Story, And Setting

    Several details for Halo Wars 2 were revealed yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con. The panel featured Kiki Wolfkill, franchise director Frank O'Connor, studio head Dan Ayoub, and narrative director Kevin Grace, along with Blur Studios' creative director Dave Wilson and actress Erika Soto.

    The group discussed what's in store for the sequel, including new characters and how it will follow the ending of the original game. In Halo Wars 2, the crew aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire awake from cryogenic sleep 28 years later. After drifting in space for so many years, they find themselves above a Forerunner installation known as The Ark. Here, they discover a distress signal, which leads them to meet the new AI character Isabel (played by Erika Soto).

    In 343 Industries' new development video, Ayoub describes her as "a very different kind of AI" in comparison to past AI from the Halo series, such as Cortana and Serina. 

    "She shows up in a way we haven’t seen AIs behave in Halo before," says Grace. "She’s freaked out. She’s seen all of her friends die and her outpost destroyed." She soon becomes tasked with helping Captain Cutter face The Banished, the splinter faction of the former Covenant.

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    The above video also reveals Atriox, a new villain coming to the series. 343 Industries describes him as much more than your average brute, who excels in close combat and is able to outsmart opponents. Captain Cutter will have to face this enemy, which may prove to be a difficult battle.

    Furthermore, a cinematic trailer was unveiled, which you can check out below.

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    Halo Wars 2 will be out February 21 of next year on Xbox One and PC. You can watch our Test Chamber of Halo Wars 2's open beta here, as well as read more about what's in store for this sequel by reading 343 Industries' blog post on Xbox Wire.

  • Game Informer News Feed: New Trailer Highlights Killer Combo Moves

    The heroes from DC Comics will be at each other's throats yet again when Injustice 2 launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The latest trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic Con shows off the newest additions to the roster, Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle.

    We get a brief story introduction for the two heroes, as we learn through some dialogue that Blue Beetle is aligned with Batman. The real focus of this footage is on how the new characters play, including some of their finishing moves. Wonder Woman expertly uses her whip and sword while Blue Beetle is agile and loaded with laser weapons. Check it out for yourself below.

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    Injustice 2 is due sometime next year. Revisit our interview with series creator Ed Boon about what changes are coming to the game.

  • Game Informer News Feed: Limited Edition Includes Art Book, Animal Pins, And More

    NIS America has partnered with developer and publisher Natsume to release a special limited edition for the latest in the Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

    The limited edition can currently be pre-ordered on the online NIS America store for $49.99, but the shipping date is not yet announced. The edition includes the 3DS game, a collector's box featuring the male/female protagonist characters with a crew of adorable animals, a 44-page softcover art book, the original soundtrack, a blue feather rubber keychain not yet pictured, and a set of six animal pins including an animal that's brand new to the series, the Poitou donkey.  

    NIS announced the game a few weeks before E3 2016, and then revealed the first trailer at the event. Taking place in the "Oasis of the Harvest Goddess," it is up to you to bring back her power by reminding the villagers in your town of her long forgotten existence and revive the seven Skytrees. 

    Harvest Moon: Skytree Village currently has no set release date. 

  • Game Informer News Feed: Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Gets A Western Release Date For Her Latest Game

    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X got a European and North American release date today, which means the turquoise-haired vocaloid singer is headed west yet again.

    The game is releasing on the PS4 and PS Vita as a digital-only title on August 30. If you can't wait that long, a demo for both platforms will be available on August 9, containing three songs: "Satisfaction, "LOL -lots of laugh-," and "Raspberry * Monster."  The full game has four difficulty levels, but the demo only includes easy and normal.

    The demo also has costume modules that players can unlock and equip, and an Event Request feature so you can create your own music festival with those three songs.  

    This isn't the first game for Hatsune Miku to make its way out west, and for a taste of what the rhythm gameplay will be like for the latest in the series, watch Project Diva X's announcement trailer. For more Hatsune Miku, check out when she made a guest appearance in hologram form on David Letterman and he wasn't at all uncomfortable. 

  • Game Informer News Feed: See How You’ll Harvest And Trade In No Man’s Sky

    We’ve previously seen glimpses of exploration and combat in No Man’s Sky. The third installment in the four-part series gives us a quick look at interstellar commerce.

    In the video below, you’ll get a short preview of how you’ll gather resources on the ground and in your ship. Once you have cargo, you’ll need to take it to a trading post, where you can also beef up your gear.

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    No Man’s Sky will be out of PlayStation 4 and PC on August 9. For more, check out our most recent preview.

  • Game Informer News Feed: Remixing The Arcade Once Again

    The 2007 release of Pac-Man Championship Edition revitalized the classic arcade series in unprecedented ways. The rules were bent, a bit of adrenaline was injected, and the result was a pulse-pounding arcade experience that reinvigorated a fan base.

    With Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, Bandai Namco looks to do even more renovating. The team is taking more liberties with its legendary formulas. While that kind of expansion beyond what made the original so great in the first place doesn't always work in entertainment mediums, if what I played of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is any indication, this follow-up is well on its way to giving fans yet another reason to binge on dots and devour wandering ghosts.

    Aside from the updated electronic music and surprisingly 3D visuals (despite the gameplay remaining staunchly 2D), the first thing you notice is that, much like its predecessor, this is no ordinary take on Pac-Man. Rather than playing through as many levels as you can, your focus is completing goals such as leveling up the dots to make them more valuable, or waking up sleeping ghosts in order to form massive ghost trains, which can be consumed for an enormous amount of points. Trust me, few things are as satisfying as finally catching a fleeing train of several ghosts and watching Pac-Man munch all of them down.

    Another thing I learned early on is that the days of instant death when touching a ghost are behind us with Pac-Man CE 2. Rather than first contact with ghosts leading to a contorted Pac-Man with his famous death jingle, you now can run into ghosts three times before they get angry and attack. This may sound like it dumbs things down too much, but as the chaos mounts and more stuff begins appearing on-screen, you'll be thankful for the leniency.

    Some stages now implement jumps, which are done by hitting a certain spot in the maze. Doing so causes your Pac-Man to leap over walls in the maze to the destination point of that jump. It came in handy when I was running from an angry ghost, or if I needed to make it to the other side quickly. 

    In addition, a new boss battle mode lets you take on massive enemies in a frantic scurry to eat pellets to power up enough to damage the enemy. This continues on the tradition of remixing the classic arcade modes to fun results.

    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 gave me such a rush while playing. The stress of moving super fast while dodging obstacles, collecting fruit and pellets, and listening to high-intensity music makes for a chaotic experience I can't wait to dive back into. If you're excited to play you won't have long to wait too long, as Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is currently scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in September.

  • Game Informer News Feed: A Familiar Display Of Power

    Last year's Dragon Ball Xenoverse was a hit with fans of the anime series, and Dimps is giving players another opportunity to relive the story of the series by jumping into yet another time traveling tale.

    Set after the events of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, this sequel presents a story where you create an all-new time-traveler who must attempt to go back and fix the repairs of your character in the first Xenoverse. Since you're creating a new character, players who choose to import their save files will actually encounter their character from Xenoverse 1.

    While the gameplay looks and feels very similar to Xenoverse 1, Xenoverse 2 is bulking up its feature set. The vastly larger hub world (which is roughly seven times the size of the one found in Xenoverse 1) is just the beginning. Dimps is promising more environments, deeper character customization (including more races to choose from), and a boss battle mode that brings up to six people together to challenge one powerful opponent. We'll also see a roster that features a good mix of returning characters and new combatants.

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 absolutely remains loyal in how it plays. Even as someone who only played a portion of Xenoverse 1 when it first launched, I was able to pick Xenoverse 2 and quickly relearn the strategies of the game and come out victorious over my A.I. opponent. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this year.